Okay, so here it goes.  I guess I’ve started this blog because a friend said I should.  That what I write might help people, or put into words what someone else is feeling.  And although I don’t want to be too hopeful, if what I write can help even one person feel less alone or like someone understands, then it has to be worth it, right?

So, my background … I’ve had diagnosed anxiety and depression since I was 17, although I’m pretty sure one or both of them started when I moved to secondary school at 11.  I’ve self-harmed on and off since I was 15, almost 16.  And I’ve tried to take my life once, in 2014 by overdosing.  I’ve seen counsellors, psychologists, tried online therapy, phone therapy, medication … I’ve tried a lot in my time.  Oh yeah, and I’m 24.

The idea behind this blog is, to a certain extent, me explaining my feelings in relation to any or all of this.  My friend suggested I start a blog when I was trying to explain my depression and anxiety, and how to me I experience them differently, and so I have different ways of managing them.  And she said I explained it brilliantly, because I understand the parallel processes – which gave me the domain name for this  blog.

I’ll try and write up what I actually said as my next blog post.  Part of the reason for this is therapeutic.  I’ve always been able to explain my feelings better through the written word, and I keep a personal diary for this.  But if this can help anyone at all, why not share some of it with the public too?  I guess we’ll see 🙂



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